VVOB Uganda expands its TaRL program intervention in Kasese District

VVOB Uganda official taking teachers through TaRL classroom activities. Photo: VVOB Uganda

VVOB – Education for Development has expanded its Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) program intervention in Kasese District, Western Uganda, from 24 to 80 schools. The Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) partners with VVOB, and the Hempel Foundation in implementing TaRL in this district targeting grades 3, 4, and 5 (P3, P4, and P5). It is currently reaching 24 schools and aims to scale to 80 primary schools by 2025 and develop an effective, government-led, and scalable model for remedial education. 

Teachers and school administrators during the TaRL methodology capacity building. Photo: VVOB Uganda

To build capacity of the support system, 325 teachers and 113 school administrators from the 56 additionally selected schools were trained in the TaRL method for seven days from 21st to 28th May 2023 at Bwera Primary Teachers College – Kasese district by a team of 27 Master trainers trained by TaRL Africa and VVOB staff.

The main objective of the training was to equip teachers and school administrators with knowledge and skills on the TaRL methodology to be able to implement the methodology effectively for accelerated learning and improve foundational literacy and numeracy skills among learners of P.3 to P.5 in the Rwenzori Region.

The Master trainers applied participatory methodologies while demonstrating and modeling TaRL numeracy and literacy activities and trainees. They later worked in groups to model the same activities and present through teachbacks coupled with daily quizzes. The trainees appreciated the new methodology and had confidence that if well implemented, this would help improve learning outcomes, especially foundational literacy and numeracy skills.


Milly Asio is an Education Advisor – TaRL Rwenzori

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