PEC will soon be extended to all schools in the Bagoué region in Côte d’Ivoire

The Ministry of National Education and Literacy and Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Africa will implement the Targeted Teaching Program (PEC) in the Bagoué region, announced the regional director of Education and Literacy of Boundiali, Dramane Coulibaly, in an information note sent to the AIP.

“To achieve the national objective of the Ministry of National Education, the PEC will be extended at the next school year to all schools in the Bagoué region, located in the north of the country, that is approximately 270 schools, thanks to a funding from the Development Innovation Fund (FID),” Mr. Coulibaly said.

The PEC is an evidence-based approach, which helps children acquire fundamental skills in French and mathematics. It is implemented in more than a thousand schools in five regions and already affects more than 158,000 children, particularly in the south of the country.

According to the country director of TaRL Africa in Côte d’Ivoire, Amos Dembélé, the Ministry of Education has shown its willingness to fully integrate the PEC into the National Program for the Improvement of Early School Learning (PNAPAS). “ We expect significant improvements in children’s reading and math skills in the near future,” he added.

TaRL Africa works closely with the Ministry of National Education and Literacy, providing technical support for quality implementation of PEC activities in schools.

It also accompanies the ministry by supporting the continuous training of teachers, by strengthening the technical skills of the personnel, who implement the PEC, by supporting the mentoring, monitoring, evaluation and integration of the PEC in didactic practices and regular pedagogical processes, and finally by supporting the strengthening of the education system.

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