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Terms of Reference

Provision of Cleaning Services for TaRL Africa, Nairobi Kenya for A Long-Term Agreement (LTA) For A Period of One Year Renewable for A Further 1 Year Based on Satisfactory Performance.


Teaching at the Right Level Africa (TaRL Africa) Kenya Country Office, based in Nairobi, is seeking a service provider that can provide Office Cleaning & Sanitary Services at the headquarter office in Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose of the bidding is to conclude a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) with a professional Service Provider for the provision of comprehensive cleaning services.

The successful proposers shall be contracted for an initial period of 1 (one) year, with the possibility of contract renewal for another one year subject to satisfactory contract performance. TaRL Africa wishes to receive proposals from companies with the ability to provide high quality and comprehensive cleaning services as per these Terms of Reference (ToRs).

Kindly confirm receipt of the invitation and submit proposals as per ToR on or before Friday, June 16th via the email address provided below.

All communication should be directed to



The Contractor shall provide cleaning services to the office, corridors, toilets, board room including the kitchen areas, all internal glass panels, windows (internal), doors and cabinets. The office premises details are as follows:

TaRL Africa - Office Total Area Includes;

Reception Area

Corridor Area

1 Boardroom

5 Enclosed Offices

3 Open Working Areas

1 Enclosed Tea Area

1 Kitchen

Ladies & Gents Toilets

Following is the scope of services to be performed by the selected supplier:

  • To provide high quality Office Cleaning Service for TaRL Africa offices as per above table.
  • Provide Bi-Monthly general cleaning services to the office at an agreed date/time.
  • Serve official tea/coffee to office staff and guests as and when required and maintain the office kitchen all the times in a hygienically clean condition.
  • All personnel (including a Cleaner and Supervisor), equipment and cleaning materials are to be provided by the company.
  • Attention should be given to the presentation of the company personnel. All personnel are to be dressed in company uniforms and name and identification badges are to be supplied by the contractor. The company is to ensure that regular updates are provided on any personnel changes.
  • Cleaning of the building interior: all work should be undertaken in accordance with recognized best practice in the industry and with locally applicable health and safety standards. The Contractor is responsible for the maintenance of the minimum standards of cleaning and performance quality set forth in this document, regardless of the staff absences due to sickness or holidays. The surface of the floor must be completely free of dust, stains, stripes, shoe marks, anything spilt and any other blemish that can be removed with standard industry techniques. Any defects noticed by cleaners must be registered and reported to the Client cleaning supervisor so that the necessary repairs can be made.


    • Office cleaning should take place on weekdays, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 08:00 - 05:00. No changes in the agreed days or time can be made without prior notice to the Administrative Unit.
    • Contracted staff should be available for (8 hours) per day (08.00 to 05.00 hrs) with 1 hour lunch break.
    • In exceptional cases supporting TaRL Africa on errand services by the contractor’s personnel.



    • All rubbish bins and plastic bags emptied and the bag was replaced.
    • Horizontal surfaces that are clear of obstructions should be dusted or cleaned.
    • Visible dirt, shoe marks should be cleaned or washed from floor surfaces.
    • All cafeteria crockery left in offices and meeting rooms to be returned to the kitchen/tea areas.


    • Vertical free areas cleaned to remove dust, cobwebs and visible dirt.
    • Pictures, desks, doors (including handles) and frames, chair legs, ceiling lamps.
    • Window sills dusted or cleaned as necessary to remove visible dirt.
    • The doors, glass panels, shelves, and the office equipment (fridge, microwave, water dispenser, coffee machine, printer) are dusted or wiped clean as necessary to remove visible dirt.
  • Cleaning all rubbish bins after they have been emptied.



  • All mirrors and surfaces cleaned to remove all traces of visible dirt.
  • Garbage bin emptied; floors washed to remove all traces of visible dirt.
  • Toilet consumables (toilet paper, paper hand towels and liquid soap) re-stocked.
  • Complete cleaning of all sanitary elements including the removal of all stains and scale.
  • Toilets should be checked every 01 hours for all of the above to maintain cleanliness.


  • Weekly Walls and doors cleaned / washed.
  • Sinks, Toilet Seats and urinal pans-thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of chalk and stains.



  • Floor / horizontal surfaces that are clear of obstructions should be washed or cleaned as necessary to remove all traces of visible dirt


  • Once a week, as a minimum, clean from wall to wall once, moving chairs as necessary.



    • Serve official tea/coffee to office staff and guests as and when required and maintain the office kitchen all the times in a hygienically clean condition.
    • Cleaning the kitchen, washing dirty utensils, cleaning of cupboard doors (outside), cleaning the exterior of refrigerators, and the cleaning of all kitchen electric and non-electronic gadgets.


    • The Contractor shall make available, at its own cost, all necessary equipment, machinery and materials required to adequately perform the services including but not limited to:
    • Vacuum Cleaners with clean air filter
    • Dusters, brooms, brushes, buckets and mops
    • Quality consumables for cleaning such as chemical liquid, detergents and cleansing material (perfumed) for the cleaning of office equipment (printer, desk surfaces, office furniture, glass top, glass panes etc.)




The Contractor shall provide uniforms meeting international standards for the cleaning personnel.

    • Social Security and Medical Coverage: It is the responsibility of the Contractor to ensure compliance with national legislation with regard to social security and medical insurance coverage for their employees as per the Government prescribed rates. The firm will advise in their Technical Proposal that as to when they would be able to present evidence to that effect after signing of the contract, in case they are declared successful.
  • Leaves:
    • Annual leave entitlements as per applicable law
    • Medical leave entitlement as per company’s policy

The successful bidder MUST demonstrate that they are compliant with the above statutory authority requirements and that they do monthly remittances.


Designation Quantity Qualification Experience
Cleaner 01 ·       Basic training in office cleaning and knowledge of cleaning.

·       Use of detergents, requisite cleaning methods and cleaning equipment.

At least 1 year of experience as an office cleaner.

* Supervision checks in will be required for the cleaning personnel*

Qualifications of the Successful Contractor and its Personnel

  • Officially registered entity
  • Good reputation of the company proven by references of providing similar services to at least 2 companies
  • Minimum three (3) years of relevant cleaning experience in the local market;
  • Ownership of the necessary equipment and stock of supplies to provide efficient and quality cleaning services - a list to be provided;
  • Demonstration that the firm has skilled and sufficient personnel.
  • Experience of working with another international organisation is an asset;
  • Demonstrate financial stability by sharing the latest audited financial statements.



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